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My Valencia Photo Album

Various pictures taken in Valencia including ones of local cuisines such as Churros, Bunuelos, and of course Paella (right in front of City Hall).

[Torres de Serranos]
[Una Falla]

Las Fallas

Valencia is famous for the festival known as "Las Fallas". Throughout the year, people prepare gaudily painted wood and papiermache sculptures representing topical events or scenes from daily life ("fallas") which almost always feature grotesque caricature figures ("ninots"). These are displayed in the streets and squares of Valencia on days prior to St. Jose's Day (St. Joseph) on March 19th. At midnight on March 19th, all (except one) will be burnt at the "crema".

During the week-long festivity there are two daily fireworks displays. One at 2p.m., the other at mid-night (on 1a.m. on some nights). The 5-minute one at 2p.m. is called the "Mascleta" which focuses more on making as much noise as possible rather than on visual effects. Thousands of people crowded the streets near the City Hall (Ayuntamento) to cheer on the 120dB roaring rhythmic sounds of the fire-crackers.

Las Falleras

Each Falla (around 600 of them in the City of Valencia and more in other regions) has an accompanying entourage of Falleras which consist of a Fallera Mayor and her Court (Corte de Honor). These are women (of all ages, some as young as several months old) dressed in lavish traditional Valencian costume each costing at least several hundred euros. During the week-long festivities, there are various processions of these Falleras on the streets of Valencia. On the two days leading up to the day of St. Jose, these Falleras will process from their respective Fallas to Pl. de la Virgen carrying flowers (red, white or pink carnations). These flowers will make up the robe of the Virgen.

I really admire these women for their staminas during these few days of processing on the streets of Valencia sometimes for 4 or 5 hours.

[Una Fallera]
[Amigas en Valencia]

Mis Amigos en Valencia

I was lucky to have met many friends (sometimes friends of friends) during my travels. Knowing local people in a city definitely adds enjoyment and appreciation of the local culture.

Ciudades en España: Barcelona, Córdoba, Granada, Sevilla, Tenerife y Valencia.
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