[Pl. de Espana]

Carnaval 2003 in Santa Cruz, Tenerife

By: Albert Pang

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Chinese Decorations

dsc_0370 dsc_0349 dsc_0367
dsc_0376 dsc_0403 dsc_0377

People dressed in Chinese attires

dsc_0537-crop 03-02-28-096-crop 03-02-28-091-crop
dsc_0234-crop 03-02-28-095-crop dsc_0389-crop dsc_0171-crop

Election of Reina de Carnaval (Tercera Edades, Infantil, Normal)

dsc_0413 03-02-28-002 dsc_0252
dsc_0052 dsc_0055 dsc_0072
dsc_0056 dsc_0204 03-02-28-070


03-02-28-043-crop 03-02-28-015-crop 03-02-28-089
03-02-28-099 03-02-28-098

Concurso de Comparsas

dsc_0200 dsc_0123 dsc_0147 dsc_0117
dsc_0199 dsc_0138 dsc_0049 dsc_0050


dsc_0224 dsc_0245 dsc_0250 dsc_0253
dsc_0259 dsc_0211

Entierro de Sardina

dsc_0313 dsc_0321 dsc_0320 dsc_0325

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