[Parc Guell]



Barcelona is one of my favourite city in the world. I have been there many times in the last 5 years. I can keep on returning to it without getting tired of it.

[Parc Guell]


Being the center of Spain (geographically, economically and politically), I passed through Madrid on many occasions. The linked paged contained photographs that I told in Madrid over the years. Coming soon


On the first leg of my 2003 world tour, I stopped by in Tenerife for three weeks in order to learn some Spanish. It is also no coincident that I happened to be there during Carnaval.



On my second stop in 2003, I stopped by in Valencia during Las Fallas. Las Fallas is another major festivals in Spain. Probably a favourite of piromaniacs.


On my third stop in my 2003 Spanish tour, I went to Granada. Granada is supposingly one of the most breath-taking place in Spain. Unfortunately, I happened to be there when it was raining for 3 days straight. The alhambra is still amazing even when it is raining.



Next stop: Sevilla. Spent third great weeks in Sevilla in April 2003 during Semana Santa (Holy Week).


[Cordoba Mezquita/Catedral]


Carmona, Donana, Aracena, Ronda.

San Sebastian

Spent 4 weeks in July in 2003 in this lovely city on the Atlantic coast in Pais Basco. Good food.

[San Sebastian/Kursaal]

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