The Getty Center

Los Angeles, California

[entrance_back_fountain] [courtyard_fountain] I visited the Getty Center in Los Angeles, California, USA, in January 1999. I was very lucky to have such nice weather, as shown in most of the pictures. After living in a city which is cloudy 367 days of the year for a year, I went a little bit out of control and took almost two rolls of film in half a day.

This page is very much inspired by Phillip Greenspun's Getty Museum Photo Exhibition on Photo Net.

[exhibitions_pavilion_2] [view_from_garden]

[building] [curve_wall]

[north_building] [reflecting_poor]

[exhibitions_pavilion] [research_institute] [south_promontory_stairway]



I was experimenting with my newly acquired circular polarizer. The weather is perfect for it. I really enjoy looking at the texture of the wall. They are actually not load bearing. Simply panel added on to the concrete structure underneath.

[wall_and_sky_1] [wall_and_sky_2] [wall_texture]

Oh yes, the Getty Museum do have some exhibition. This painting is by the French paint William Adolphe Bouguereau (1925-1905). It's called A Young Girl Defending herself against Eros.


It's time to go home. See you next time, Getty.


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