About A Photograph

[This is seriously out of date. Much has changed since it was written. See 'What's New section.]

I travel frequently in Europe on business. Along with my briefcase, I try to carry with me my Nikon F-70 (which was stolen in August 2001) where ever I can.  This makes my carry-on luggage sometimes quite heavy (briefcase, camera, flash, lenses, laptop). This website is a collection of photos that I took during my trips, business or personal.

This website was officially opened on September 23rd, 2001 and is permanently under-construction. It will be updated regularly as time permits (or when I am not traveling).

All pictures on this site are taken by me (unless stated otherwise) and are copyrighted.  However, you are welcome to download them for your personal use.  You can also use them on your own website, but I would appreciate if you would notify me via email beforehand and acknowledge the origin of the pictures on your website.

If you haven't noticed. Most pictures on this website are presented in two formats. Smaller thumbnail size and another larger format. Click on the thumbnail to see the enlarged image.

Future plans for this website

Pictures from the following cities will be added as soon as I have time to create the web pages: Frankfurt, Paris, Hong Kong, London, Montreal, other cities in Spain, and many others.

I have also been sending regular updates (e-mail) to my friends in the past year. They will be added to this website as appropriate.

Abourt the author

Albert Pang (albert@APhotograph.net ). More about myself in the future. Please take your time to sign the Guestbook. Feedback about this website is always welcomed.


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